Achraf Ayadi (Alkyum)

Student at ATI "Arts et Technologies de l'Image" University of Paris VIII

CG Artist
FX - Compositing - Rendering - Scripting

"Small Explosion Test - RayFire / PFlow / Phoenix FD"
All Aspects

Simple Box with a RayFire Bomb + PFlow
PhoenixFD simulation : 30mn
Re-Simulation (Wavelet) : 3hours
No GI but Phoenix Lights (Grid)
Render Time on Vray : 40 hours (20mn/frames * 125 frames) Compositing on Nuke

Software : 3dsMax / RayFire / Vray / PhoenixFD

"Ink - Maya Fluids"
All Aspects

Quick test of Maya Fluids and Arnold.

Software : Maya / Arnold / Nuke

"House Garden"
All Aspects

Final version of House Garden

Software : Blender / Cycles / After Effects

"House Garden" WIP

Tree animated with Sapling, Leaves and Grass by a Texture Field.

Software : Blender / Cycles

"House Garden" (WIP)

This is an exterior architectural work,
I’m trying here the limits of Cycles for a realistic image.

Software : Blender / Cycles

"Loft Sunset"

Update Soon

Software : Maya / Blender / Cycles


Python script for Maya, Voxel.

Software : Maya

Demo Reel 2014

1st Year Student at “Art et Technologie de l’Image” University Paris VIII

This is my demo reel 2014 in FX, compositing, rendering and scripting.

[UPDATE] “A Living-Room”

Personal Work

New MentalRay shaders and fur.

Software :
Maya / MentalRay / MayaFur

"Vray Shading Test"
Personal Work

First Vray shader test.
* Leather on the ball
* Wood floor
* Concrete on the green wall

Software : Maya / Vray